Boundless and Borderless Print Portfolio

I participated in the “Boundless and Borderless” portfolio that has been exhibited at Station Gallery,Whitby, Ontario (2013),Pine Street Creative Centre, Sydney, Australia (2013), and the National Collegiate Art Centre Association has arranged a Touring Exhibition in Taiwan (February 2014 – June 2015) plus was a feature portfolio at IMPACT 8, Dundee, Scotland, 2013 and had Toronto launch at the Print and Drawing Centre at the AGO (Nov 23,2013).

My print, screenprint on Rives BFK paper:

Sally Ayre Petrography #1 Boundless and Borderless Portfolio 2012

Outline of the project as printed in the Portfolio’s colophon:

In 2011 a group from Toronto’s Open Studio Printmaking Centre, Canada and Sydney Printmakers, Australia attended IMPACT 7, an International Print conference at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Both groups participated in lectures, exhibitions and open portfolio sessions. An appreciation of each other’s work grew and a print portfolio exchange and exhibitions in both countries was imagined.  Via email we brainstormed over a suitable theme or title and finally Boundless and Borderless was born.

Canada and Australia have similar histories of settlement and colonization. The landscape looms large in both imaginations, as does the spirit of the explorer and adventurer.  Each artist in the Boundless and Borderless portfolio has viewed the theme from their own perspective, conjuring up personal experiences and interpreting their ideas with a variety of printmaking techniques.

The Boundless and Borderless portfolio, 2013 comprises forty-four handmade prints and six A/P’s, created by artists from Open Studio, Canada (22) and Sydney Printmakers, Australia (22).  Each print is 28 x 38 cm (11″ x 15″) and is printed on 250-300g BFK Rives archival paper. Printmaking techniques include relief (woodblock, mokuhanga, linoleum), intaglio (etching, dry point, sugar lift, chine collé, embossment), photopolymer, lithography, screenprint and collagraph.

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