I am a lens-based artist and printmaker living in Toronto.

Upon graduating from the Ontario College of Art in 1990 I began my art practice working with historical photographic processes on layers of silk. In 2007 I decided to try new mediums and took a screen printing course at Open Studio. I became a member, got involved in exciting collaborative projects, established new connections in the art community and developed a deep love of printing on handmade Japanese papers. I am currently an active member of both Open Studio and Gallery 44, and an educator specializing in historical photographic processes. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and received several grants and awards.

Walking is one of my passions, an activity that I enjoy and where my thoughts flow at liberty in many directions. The exploration of parks, ravines and waterways in and around Toronto has given me a rich context within which many of my art projects have been sparked and fostered. During walks I have collected hundreds of plant specimens to be scanned and catalogued into my image bank that I draw from to create work.

Envisioning new landscapes, I enlarge my specimens to create relationships that reveal and enhance their beauty and complexity. To construct these unique environments, I use a minimal colour palette and experiment with layering and hand stitching on translucent Japanese paper to reach the effects that I want.

A selection of my work is available at:

Open Studio

401 Richmond Street W. , Suite 104

Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3A8


Website: https://openstudioshop.ca/collections/sally-ayre

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